Live reviews 9/9 Tiny Victories at Glasslands and Christopher Paul Stelling at Bowery Ballroom

By Chaz Bolte

New York City’s beauty is based in contrast. As you walk through it and look up your eyes are greeted with its skylines beautiful architecture, look down and the streets are filled with bags of garbage. Its music scene lies on parallel lines. On Friday, September 9th Secret Party Room went to review two polar opposite yet eerily similar acts, Tiny Victories and Christopher Paul Stelling. Both have risen in popularity over the past year becoming staples of their individual D.I.Y. scenes. Tonight both played stellar performances to eventually responsive crowds and began the next step in their ascent to the peak of Brooklyn’s thriving music scene.

Both Stelling and Tiny Victories began their sets by battling elements of the crowd in venues that were not ready for them. As Bowery Ballroom filled Stelling had to battle the casual chatter in the back of the room, something he usually doesn’t encounter in the smaller venues he’s used to where people can sit on the floor and listen with respectful silence, their heads on the shoulder of their date. He’s already packed those rooms. He’s sold that crowd. Now he is Bowery’s. The crowd directly in front of the stage stood in amazement, occasionally turning to who they were with to make sure they were seeing what they were. As “Flawless Executioner” progressed Stelling tip toed to the end of the stage and projected his voice to the balcony. “Hey ya’ll remember that time that we prayed hard for rain and the good lord he only sent clouds? So we gathered up our buckets and we spread them about just before the rain water came down and the next time the devil set fire to our fields we put em out ourselves, we put em out ourselves.”In that moment he owned the room. He stopped Bowery Ballroom in its steps and made them take note. He made his presence known and in that moment went from respected but still undiscovered indie folk act to the next big singer songwriter in New York.

In a scene that seemed worlds away Tiny Victories played Mr. Bones as balloons fell upon and canvassed their giant table of samplers and effect pedals. A rebellious Hasidic kid stood in the corner watching the crowd dance themselves free, his face constantly partially covered by his hat. Skipping the traditions of Shabbat he stood out but only barely because the scene was an eclectic mix of young professionals trying to get down after a week of grueling work. They moved here with plans of finding what they were looking for but never found in their hometowns. This young man grew up here but was similarly searching for something he could not find in his part of town. The lyrics of “When I saw you you were standing there on the sun / You were tired of feeling sorry for everyone / You said there was nothing left that you could do / Cuz everything is getting worse and we are too Yeah we are too” described the scene perfectly.

Leopold Stokowski once said, “A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” Both Christopher Paul Stelling and Tiny Victories use the rhythm of silence as a backbeat to the overall vibe of the emotion they are trying to portray. Allowing the crowd to quiet in anticipation, they use the anxiety of the moment to assault the crowd with the beginning beats of their next lyrical journey. Stelling takes you on a ride through the swampy wet south filled with detailed description that makes you picture the landscapes of palmetto lined ocean views, watching the temporary tourist’s abuse all that he finds permanent and sacred. Tiny Victories takes you on a ride through a world of flashing lights, cool people dancing with childlike wonder and urban escapism with lyrics that make you realize that as you become an adult you can’t always escape the pressures of potential, no matter the environment you place yourself in.

They are two different bands in two different Brooklyn scenes, but they both share the potential and graciousness to make them the next big things in the New York music culture. They share the underdog mentality of old school Brooklyn, adding endearing shades of the hard work based morality into their lyrics. Compared to the glamorous parties of Manhattan a Tiny Victories party in Glasslands is ironically elegant and dark. However, it’s the exact correct amount of irony and darkness to make it real. Because New York City is painfully real. In one moment you are the next big thing and the next you are quickly just another face in the crowd frantically trying to navigate through Gotham. New York can drag you to new lows if you don’t let it be the escape from itself one needs by placing yourself in the correct situation.


Designing A Nervous Breakdown: The Best Album You’ve Never Heard of Who’s Influenced Everyone You Like.

Editors Note: This is from the archives, originally posted on July 8th, 2011

In 1999 Emo wasn’t a dirty word. It was an emerging scene developing out of the Indie Rock and hardcore set. Bands like The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, and Kansas City’s The Anniversary where building on the early 90’s post-punk scene and adding their own sentimentalist vibe to it.  Emo, short for emotional hardcore, had heart, good riffs and all of today’s late 20’s Anti – Hipster type Hipsters stopped listening to Ska and started to pretend they had loved Sunny Day Real Estate for years. In towns across the country kids were making good rock tunes with heart. They had the courage to tell a story and say something sweet after an early 90’s rock scene that was drowning in self loathing, teenage angst, and Seven album mega deals that made the men who ushered it in multi-millionaires who could no longer viably sing about depression.  The Clinton Generation had no idea their perfect peaceful world was about to change and just wanted to hear some good tunes and relax for a change.

The Anniversary was extensively touring the midwest and refining the songs that would become their first full length album,  Designing a Nervous Breakdown. The bands heartfelt lyrics and guy/girl call and response were accented by driving beats, smooth poppy synth riffs that built on a dueling guitar attack that picked any note that could be found in a power chord progression with a furious unfeigned intensity. The Anniversary was pure. Maybe I just think that because when it was released I was 17 and still falling head over heels in love with beautiful girls from my hometown like Heather Beck and Kelly Bray, and then subsequently falling to pieces when we broke up. If you were 17 in 2000, college bound, heartbroken, and into music you found some profound meaning in their only slightly above average lyrics that was getting you through the long winter nights. I wish that I hadn’t heard many of the bands that I heard in 2000, but I am very lucky that I heard The Anniversary.

Track number one on the album is “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter“, which acts as an intro to the album starting off with a creepy anticipation before busting into a drum led singalog verse that continues  building until the chant of “And I’ll march slowly and I’ll never forget How the music stopped or the feel of your breath” explodes into a punky explosion of honesty that shows The Anniversary can rock for some midwestern rubes and their hot lady friend. The last chorus of “And I’ll march slowly and I’ll never forget. How that black dress fell upon your white neck.Grand isle rests quiet this time of year. And i know you will be leaving soon my dear.” ends with an ever upward riff that creates a sudden contrast when Track 2 “All Things Ordinary” starts its haunting yet upbeat intro.

“All Things Ordinary” was the hit song that helped launch The Anniversary’s short lived ride on the early Emo Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels.

The song is simple: there’s nothing over the top about it. The lyrics are good, but not necessarily great. Ok the chorus of, “Will you stay near me now? Don’t leave this town until we’ve figured out, Between the two of us, we’re strong enough – I feel that in your touch.”, is kinda of Emo gold. The hook is catchy but not annoyingly.The video is an excellent, albeit uber-cheesey, view into the mind of young musicians at the end of the millenium. They were concerned about impressing Carson Daly and looking cool in their video. I know I was. Compared to the non-conformist conformity, exaggerated robotic emotion and art for art’s sake darkness of modern music the situation today looks downright laughable. But no one was laughing. After releasing the album the band went on tour with The Get Up Kids and Hot Rod Circuit while working on their follow-up, Your Majesty, for which they toured with the ultra cool Superdrag.

The other song of note on the album is “The “D” in Detroit” which also appeared on the Vagrant Records Compilation Another Year on The Streets.

The song is a clearer vision of where the band is going and best features keyboard player Adrianne Verhoeven’s charming vocals of any track on the album. The rest of the album is pretty all right, I guess, kinda. For every two decent B-sidesque songs like “Till We Earned a Holiday” or “Shu Shubat” there is an equally forgettable tune like, “Perfectly”

In January  of 2000 Pitchfork gave the album a snarky review,, proving that even in the good times Pitchfork prided itself on being a negative publicity machine determined to shit on anything people thought was catchy and convincing you to like bands who completely suck. One may notice on this line graph that I have not made and therefore you cannot see, that as Pitchfork’s popularity and power rise music began to suck on a comparative ascend. Coincidence? Time will tell.

Ok. I admit maybe the title was misleading .It’s becoming harder and harder as i go on to proclaim. Deigning A Nervous Breakdown, the best album you’ve never heard who’s influenced everyone you like. However it maybe a high watermark of a sub-genre that may be the best you’ve never heard of that has influenced everyone you like. The original Emo made its mark on young minds but made nobody rich and famous. It’s hard to take one band out of a scene and try to explain why you think they were everything right and just about that scene. But I feel comfortable doing it with The Anniversary, because they represent a time in the music industry where a good song and hard work could take you fairly far. And that is changing also. Indie Rock is using its Clinton Generation online organizing skills (For which you can thank Howard dean, don’t deny a genius of our times) to transform the genre into something bigger than the mainstream. Many bands currently held as darlings of the blogosphere  sound a lot like The Anniversary, just with a fear induced edge. Designing a Nervous Breakdown rocked in a time before fear gripped, strangled and forever put its thumbprint on both  this nation and the music industry.

When the album came out in 2000 the scene was still pure at heart. In 2000, America was still pure at heart. Hell, in 2000, I was still pure at heart. The world didn’t end on Y2K and the new century seemed filled with exciting opportunities. I was 17 and the biggest problems in my world were finding new tunes to put on mixed tapes for girls and making sure my hair looked cool. Maybe it was a high watermark  for me also. Maybe that’s why, almost 12 years after the fact, I’ve decided to sit down in my Brooklyn apartment and write about a CD I liked to crank at top volume on the Winamp player on the huge desktop that sat in my old bedroom in Pittsburgh, PA.

It has occurred to me that maybe I’m the only one who felt this way about this band. Maybe I have in fact simply placed a song into the soundtrack of my high school memories and I am confusing nostalgia with brilliance. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything spectacular to anyone besides me and the band, but even if that is true it is still an accomplishment. Because if I can ever write a song that could touch a kid enough to inspire him to write about it eleven and a half years later I would say that my career had meaning.

They may have looked like midwestern rubes and their hot lady friend, but they were the smartest kids in a brilliant class and they made something undeniably pure, for which they were never properly praised.

Chaz Bolte

TGIF*NLGSAWTV! Episode Three

For all you kids coming back from the bars looking to get your rocks off here is some nostalgia to lull you to sleep. Wonder Years, G.I. Joe, the incredible edible egg and more! This is going to be the weekend recap for the website. I got a supercrap setup right now so i am doing my best but give it a little time and this might be almost acceptable as entertainment. I want it to get to the point where it’s like a crappy public access show that also shows 90’s television. Sometimes in life I look back to 13 year old Chaz and decide what to do based on what he thinks i should. He chose this. Luckily for us 13 year old Chaz has good taste. He also is really into Silverchair, so you know. Look at Secret Party Room everyday, follow it on twitter @SecretPartyRoom, and like it on Facebook. Than tell 3 friends about it and write it on the bathroom of 3 Lower East Side bars. Than dedicate your life to it and curse it’s name when it pushes you away. Than write it in a letter dated 15 years in the past and put it in the mailbox of an old colonial home hoping that it has some type of Nicholas sparks novel power that teaches the past you about it so you can say you knew about it before anyone else.   TGIF*NLGSAWTV!

{FROM THE PANTRY} — 73 Year Old Failed Musician Blames Problems on Former Drummer, Not Heroin Addiction

BROOKLYN, NY — Jimmy “Dinnerbell” Jenkins hasn’t played a show for anyone but the pile of cardboard boxes behind the Organic Market on  Putnam and Franklin Avenues in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood for over 25 years and according to him you can blame that fact on former drummer Sylvester “Boots” Ryers, not his horrible heroin addiction. “That mother fucker sold me out,we was brothers, now I ain’t seen no one in over two decades. Mother fuckin ass-holes.” His right arm dangling and discolored from a case of gang green that has been untreated for nearly 3 years Jenkins says he keeps himself alive, “out of hopes i’ll see that mother fucker one more time and he can go tell everyone down at The Bootyroom that I never did no fuckin’ Heroin that night.” Jenkins seemed unaware that The Bootyroom had been closed since Mayor Giuliani took office in 1994, most likely because of his horrible addiction to heroin.”Heroin ain’t got shit to do with shit mother fucker. Boots done betrayed my ass. Ain’t no one taken me seriously since and ain’t no Heroin got anything to do with it.” Sylvester “Boots” Ryers could not be reached for comment, because Jenkins killed him during an altercation in which Jenkins unknowingly jumped and stabbed his former band mate and best friend to rob his money and go buy some heroin with it.”

Welcome to the Secret Party Room!

Well Clinton Kids, I’ve been talking about it for close to a month and here it is. The unveiling of the official Secret Party Room website! We can be accessed through Facebook, Twitter, and your mind portal (when high on DMT only) We are here to talk about Partying, Sports, Politics, Music, and America and also are willing to explore various combinations of these concepts such as American Music, partying in sports, partying in America, American sports, American politics, partying in politics, political parties, sports music (such as Jock Jams volume 1), musical sports (such as trumpet golf) and even partying while watching sports and listening to music while your Uncle Bernie talks politics in America! So yeah, we’re pretty fucking serious about this.









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So this is probably the start of something huge. To the readers we’ve gained while we were building and demoing, thank you! This is fun, it takes up a lot of time and I make no money, but fun it is. So we will be pumping it out from here on. Secret party Room is a go!

Don’t think,

Chaz Bolte


An Open Letter to The Clinton Generation

**Authors Note** every Thursday I will be writing an editorial for Secret Party Room titled, “An Open Letter to the Clinton Generation.” It is the only place on the internet that you can see my writing uncensored. Clinton kids, I’m not mad at you, I’m just very disappointed

To the Clinton Kids who are responsible for the death of 4,474 American soldiers, rock and roll, and the American dream, you’ve turned your backs on what you were promised. You’ve been duped and although you’ve realized it for years you’ve been too ashamed and scared to admit it. We have done nothing as the most evil elements have rushed to fill the void that our apathy has created. Where were we when the corporate dictatorship of fear was installed post 9/11? Not on the streets protesting like our parents and demanding our freedoms be returned! Not calling out an illegitimate government that was being run by a small group of very rich white men with intentions of installing a new world order in which only they profit.

No! We were playing PS2 in smoked out dorm rooms at state universities, cruising along on the five-year plan just trying to catch a buzz. Our laziness allowed the United States to enter a war in Iraq that had no real mission or exit strategy. It was a war we fought so this small group of men could open a Starbucks on every corner of Baghdad and install a faux-government that let these men have greater control over the regions oil, more specifically its profits. This same group of men used that money to help fund the Tea Party which confused the easily confusable into believing that government was against them, and that they had to take their local governments back, when it was in fact the small group of men that was against them. The elected Tea Party Governors than implemented sweeping radical agendas on their state’s governments, permanently impairing their oppositions fundraising bases. This will allow the Koch Brothers to make more and more money as they make people more and more dependent on their goods until they agree to abandon hope and embrace fear.

This all happened on our watch. Most of you were too busy buying organic milk from the farmers market or talking about how cool your androgynous, uninspired, and ill-fitting clothes looked to care about anything of real importance and because of your error we live in a country that is about to implode like a dying star.

 The American Dream is dead and we killed it with our apathy. Your no good liberal parents refused to raise you in the church and because of that you were never exposed to the dangers of fear. Any good Presbyterian boy like myself  can tell you that they have seen firsthand that those who surrender to the fear allow themselves to be manipulated into indentured servants who blindly hand over their hard-earned money for a feeling of protection from the change that swirls around them, threatening to destroy the bubble they have worked so hard create. Only those who acknowledge the fear but choose to live above it are rewarded with eternal happiness.

Fear is the main factor in every decision we make. We live our lives sweating our debts and hoping a savior will rise from the streets to show us a new way. However, we shouldn’t be searching for a “new way”; we should be creating “our way.” In elementary school we were promised a new millennium in which we created a peaceful, prosperous world where the children of all nations could work together to build something positive. We abandoned our dreams and chose a life of convenience. We gave up on the good fight to play with our Iphones and for that we may never be forgiven. We laughed at Howard Dean for his scream after the 2004 Iowa Caucus and wrote him off. His ideas were brilliant and revolutionary and the Clinton Generation allowed the state run media to tell us he was not qualified. Shame on us.

History currently looks down at us for our callowness, but our future is unwritten. September 11th, 2011 marks a decade of our lives that we have spent ambling and shell-shocked by the unimaginable. We simply surrendered to the horrors of possibility and retreated for safety. We can change that. The generation of kids who idly sat by and tweeted can begin to shape political policies if we unite. The people who worked to get Obama elected were late 60’s domestic terrorists who realized they had to get organized and play the game if they wanted to see change. We can play the same game and we can play it better.

Get your shit together! Your hipster “I don’t care about anything, whatever” attitude is not genuine. You’re a slave to fear and you will never rise above it until you lose the bullshit persona. You are sad and depraved of courage. Your grandparent’s generation would look at you with disgust. You refused to fight for the freedoms taken away from you by the Patriot Act and you now revel in a society that is so afraid of privacy they post their every move on 4square using phones that the government can use to spy on you. You are so scared of living in a world not run by fear that you put down anything that gives you hope. You let rock and roll die and accepted crappy dance music and bluegrass as acceptable forms of art, therefore there are no rock stars to be the voice of a youth based revolt. This was all planned and you were too dumb to see it happening before your eyes. WAKE THE FUCK UP! You’re lazy pieces of shit and you make me ashamed to be in my twenties and white. You gave up on the American Dream and you’ll never know true love. YOU, hipsters of America, are EVERYTHING that is wrong with our fledgling society. Our nation is on the brink of collapse and you could care less. When push comes to shove and we all have to explain ourselves at least I can say that I tried to live above the fear, although to be honest, I will freely admit that I’ve accomplished nothing. What can you say for yourselves?

About the Author:

Chaz Bolte was born in the Steel City and graduated from the Slippery Rock University. He currently hates every band that you like and thinks you’re totally fucking lame. You can follow him on Twitter @chazbolte


So here’s what i’m trying to get going here. I’m trying to make an interactive 45 minutes of entertainment that you can get baked to when you get home from wherever your weekend ambitions have led you. So what you need is some bomb weed, 2 or 5 beers, and some Rum Drinks. If you smoke cigarettes they are cool to. So first thing you gotta do is make yourself comfortable. Kick back and start trying to visualize yourself on a Friday night in the early to mid-ninties. Friday night TV, getting able to stay up later than usual, knowing you didn’t have to go to school tomorrow. Pretty cool, huh? Well it’s gonna be even cooler baked as shit kid. This is the demo for this concept so forgive it’s appearance and get down with its existence. We’s gonna get baked and watch some old TV. So roll a blunt and pour yourself a rum drink we are checking out some Boy Meets World w/ old school commercials. TGIFMF!

Thank God Jay Mohr is hosting this ride. Urkel is NOT next though. If you’re bummed sip that drink! Let’s start getting baked and watching Ben Savage teach us about the fuckin world.

Mr. Feeney doesn’t hate you Cory! In fact he’s going to follow you around throughout your academic career. It’s weird and unnatural. Let’s get high!

Ok maybe that was only awesome for my Pittsburgh bros, but I liked it, and most likely i will be the only person to sit down and enjoy this experience so whathefuckev! That attitude actually kind of rings true about the blog in whole actually. I make it so that I have a blog i like to go to. If you like it to, we have a lot in common and should probably be friends. Follow @SecretPartyRoom on the Twitter machine. Will the bully get his way?let’s find out!

Ok. You getting it now? grab some weed and chill out to some Maxi Priest. Jams.

TGIF is over your parents came in to say good night. You’re chilling in your room watching the little TV. There’s a fan on because it’s hella hot and you’re parents don’t splurge for Central air for 2 more years. It’s wrestling time! Drink a cold one and get a bowl packed! It’s Flyin Brian Pillman and Stunning Steve Austin “The Hollywood Blondes” vs Denver’s own 2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Alexander Bagwell.

where to now? We got a packed bowl we’re flipping through the channels and…

Oh fuck! the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are saying to not get high! hide your weed man! Hide your fucking weed! Oh wait! they are cartoons and everyone knows cartoons feel no effect from weed! duh! They are so stupid if they got high they wouldn’t agree to be total buzzkillingtons. gayness. Let’s switch over to MTV, which my parents just started letting me watch….I’m 12 remember.

Oh No Buzzkill lets flip back to the low stations

Night Stand is one of those forgotten 90’s shows that only make sense to stoned kids who remember it from their youth. It’s brilliant. It was satire of the Jerry Springer show and starred Timothy Stack as Dick Dietrick. Brilliant stuff, get baked and chill out it’s almost over kiddos. thanks for getting this deep into the first TGIF*NLGSAWTV

Well guys, thanks for making it all the way through the pilot. These will keep getting better and there will be more commentary and some special guests adding to it. I wanted to make something on this blog that people could enjoy on the weekends. Hit me up at with any ideas and make sure to follow the twitter feed @SecretPartyRoom Hope your baked. Hope you had fun. Now go to sleep.

{Sports}2011 Big East Running Back Preview

By Chaz Bolte originally posted at Football Nation

Cincinnati Bearcats – Isaiah Pead is likely to be the most explosive running back in the Big East in 2011. The Junior had 1,029 yards and 6 TD’s in 10 games last season. He had 213 yards and 4 Touchdowns in the Bearcats 69 – 38 mauling of Rutgers last season. He is on the Preseason watch lists for the Doak Walker Award, which goes to the nation’s best Running Back and the Maxwell award given to the nation’s best player. As the bearcats try to rebound from last season’s 4-8 debacle Pead is likely to be the one who sets the tone for the team.  Jameel Poteat and Darrin Williams are also likely to see action this season.

Pittsburgh Panthers – Junior Ray Graham split time last year with current Philadelphia Eagles rookie Dion Lewis but still managed to rack up 922 yards and 8 Touchdowns averaging 6.2 yards per carry. He is on the 2011 Doak Walker watch list and looks to gain over 1,000 yards this season as the starter.  Graham has been an explosive weapon for the Panthers playing the 1a role for the past two seasons.  His rushing yards may be affected by Todd Graham’s pass first mentality but he has shown a knack for catching the ball out of the backfield in the past. He can be very dangerous on the screen.

Wisconsin transfer Zach Brown provides a different option as a bigger back. He showed promise as a freshman gaining 568 yards for the Badgers.  He never fulfilled his potential but gets one more year to prove his critics wrong. The change of scenery may do the power back well. Incoming freshmen Malcolm Crockett may get a few touches for the Panthers.  The 5’8 180 pound running back out of Washington D.C.’s Friendship Collegiate Academy is likely to be the star when Graham takes his talents to the next level.

Louisville Cardinals –Hometown hero Victor Anderson, out of St. Xavier High School, looks to lead the Charlie Strong era off to a strong start as Senior leader of the Cards. He has been named to the 2011 Doak Walker  Award Watch List.  Anderson has also developed into a dangerous kick returner. Injuries slowed him down in the 2009 and 2010 seasons. If he can stay healthy and live up to the promise he showed as Big east Rookie of the Year in 2008 he could be playing on Sundays next fall.  Sophomore Jeremy Wright showed promise last season and is likely to be in the backfield mix for Louisville in 2011. Wright had 327 yards and 4 Touchdowns as a Freshman. Sophomore  Senorise Perry and Redshirt Freshmen Kamal Hogan are also likely to see some action this season.

Syracuse Orange – Antwon Bailey will be the starter this season for the Orange after spending last season as the back up to Delone Carter. Bailey has also played QB in the wildcat, lined up at receiver and returned kicks and punts for the Orange. Last season he rushed for 554 yards and 2 TD’s in his first full year as the starter, the 5’7 195 pound Senior will try to follow an impressive offensive line to gain 1,000 yards. However the Orange’s lack of an established power back may take a toll on Bailey who is more of an elusive speed back. Mario Tull is an interesting prospect who could see some action in 2011. The sophomore running back looks much larger than his 6’0 208 pound frame and could be the perfect power accent to Bailey.

USF Bulls – Darrell Scott was a highly coveted prospect in 2007 that chose to play his ball for the Colorado Buffaloes. Although he showed promise as a freshman he saw little playing time as a sophomore and decided to transfer to USF. The 6’1 239 pound running back looks to revive his career with the Bulls and help bolster their rushing attack which was 71st in the nation last season.  Scott will have help from Demetris Murray who ran for 542 yards and 4 Touchdowns last season. Auburn transfer Donte Aycock will also see some carries for the run first Bulls in 2011.

WVU Mountaineers –  Like Pitt, West Virginia made a big coaching change hiring former Oklahoma State Offensive Coordinator Dana Holgersen to be head coach in waiting, and then soon after the Head Coach. The Mountaineers will now be even more pass happy and Vernard Roberts will likely see a few less carries a game than he would have under Bill Stewart.  The 5’9 184 pound freshmen from D.C. enrolled at WVU early and impressed many during the spring game. He has to hold off stiff competition from Sophomore Trey Johnson, freshmen Andrew Buie and Freshmen Dustin Garrison. There aren’t going to be many carries to go around but this is a talented group that will make some big time plays for the Morgantown faithful.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights – Freshmen Savon Huggins had over 40 Division 1 scholarship offers as a high school senior in 2010 but ultimately chose Rutgers over Notre dame. The Scarlet Knights see him as the best in a very impressive recruiting class that looks to take Rutgers back to the level of national prominence they flirted with in the past decade. The 6’0 200 pound running back out of Jersey City’s St. Peters Prep has been called the biggest recruit that Rutgers has ever landed and if he can live up to the hype he should have a strong career. This season may start off shaky for him as he continues to learn the subtle nuances of the Scarlet Knights offense and get’s used to the speed of College Football but as soon as he is comfortable he will show he is a star. Don’t be surprised if he’s at the top of this list in 2012.

UConn Huskies– D.J. Shoemate is likely to start the season as the starter for the Huskies.  The 5’11 218 pound California native transferred from USC two years ago and has spent most of his stint with the Huskies as a backup Fullback. This year he will go to try to be a leader on an offense that is hurting at many positions. Lyle McCombs has the potential to be an explosive running back in the Big East if he can stay out of trouble and healthy. The 5’8 164 pound freshmen from Staten Island, NY is likely to take over Shoemate’s position as starter not far into the season.  Freshmen  Deshon Foxx may also see some time.

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