Steelers Draft Prediction: First Round

Here we go….

My annual predictions on who the Steelers will select in the NFL Draft/my annual adding to the record that either I don’t know anything about football or the Steelers draft whoever they want no matter their needs.

Yes.  I started my writing career as a football writer.  No.  I am no longer a football writer.

Take that in consideration when you make your comments.

So even though it likely won’t mean anything to those in the Steelers war room, let’s take a look at the Steelers main needs and how they compare to the draft class’ strengths.

Primary need: Cornerback/Safety

Secondary need: Defensive Tackle

It is so obvious that the Steelers need a cornerback that it is unlikely they will draft one.  Hell, be honest, would you be shocked if they took yet another linebacker?

This year could be the year for a cornerback though. (The Steelers last CB taken in the first round was Chad Scott in 1997)  Things seem to align. The Steelers have the 25th selection of the first round, putting them in prime position to get the 3rd or 4th best corner on the board.  Jalen Ramsey is a top 5 pick and Vernon Hargreaves will be gone soon after.

This leaves Mackensie Alexander of Clemson, Eli Apple of Ohio State, William Jackson of Houston, Kendall Fuller of Virginia Tech, and Artie Burns of Miami.

Of this group the two that interest me the most are Apple of Ohio State and Burns of Miami.

Apple is a winner.  The Steelers have a penchant for selecting Buckeyes.  He fills a serious need.

Of the cornerbacks my selection would be Apple.

But the Steelers could also go the Defensive Tackle route, and to be honest this may be their best bet.  This is the strongest defensive tackle draft class in some time and with the loss of Steve McLendon, who wasn’t very good anyway, they have a giant hole right in the center of their defense.

The three most likely targets for the steelers will be Andrew Billings of Baylor, Vernon Butler of Louisiana Tech, and A’Shawn Robinson of Alabama.

Of these three I see Billings as the most likely choice.  All three are 3-4 nose tackles.  All three will likely be solid.  Butler may be a bit of a stretch at a position where there is no reason to reach and Robinson has been trending downward in recent mocks.

Here is a brief bio of Billings from DraftTek:

Billings slots into the void at Nose Tackle left by Steve McLendon’s departure in Free Agency. The Steelers would like a NT who can play some as a one-gap DT in sub-packages to spell Heyward and Tuitt. Billings shows on tape as an explosive penetrator, almost unblockable one-on-one, but he’s of the stature and powerful build to play a 2-gap NT in the base defense. The Steelers did not bring him in for a visit but sent everybody but the groundskeeper to his Pro Day and took him out to dinner to see what he’s about. The Steelers take lots of fliers on late-round defensive linemen like LT Walton, Nick Williams, and Dan McCullers who are Size/Weight/Agility prospects with decidedly mixed results. Here in the first, they can pick up a player with good tape from a power-5 conference who has similarly-unworldly agility for his weight (4.94- 40, 32″ vertical at his Pro Day) without the long odds.

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The Truth About Cats and Dogs: Steelers Fans Reaction to the Mike Vick Signing

So Mike Vick now plays for the Steelers and everyone has an opinion, and they are all entitled to that opinion, an equal amount as everyone is to have an opinion on said opinion…and so on, and so on.  This is a subject in which I immediately have this feeling maybe I shouldn’t touch on, so I will make it short and sweet.

Michael-Vick1My first reaction was that it was a bad signing due to the distraction it would bring.  People are going to be upset, and they really, really are.  The few points I’ll leave out but feel as if should be mentioned are that, as noted by Marky Billson of Athlon Sports, that this is not the first time the Steelers have had a player of questionable character on the team.  In fact take a look at our starting quarterback and the questionable things he has done in his past.

There is also something to be said about the argument that Mike Vick isn’t really all that good anymore, which is likely true, but I don’t think many people actually want to see him play, because that would mean Ben was hurt. Backup quarterbacks are backups for a reason.

So let’s make this little article about Steelers fans reaction to the signing and how not surprisingly myopic it was.

First of all… I do not condone Mike Vick’s actions.  I think they were way past the grey, wavy, spotted line of moral and immoral, but let’s be honest he went to jail, he did his time, and his life has been completely ruined.  As far as we know he’s never done it again, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to forgive him. To each their own.  They can do as they please.

In trying to piece together my thoughts I had a moment of clarity in a Facebook post from future DECA contributor CJ Johnson who simply wrote:

I’m going to say this and leave it alone.

I hope, one day, someone is able to grant you forgiveness and the opportunity to redeem yourself. No matter what you’ve done. No matter whom you’ve hurt, I hope you’re granted that gift.


People of Pittsburgh, I’m sure that you are all perfect human beings unlike me.  I’m sure you’ve never made a regrettable decision and you never will.  Personally I’ve made a few mistakes a long the way, including one major mistake that I won’t bring up but you may be familiar with if you know me well enough.  What I learned from that mistake is that you have to apologize and admit that you were wrong, not only for your action but for the pain and embarrassment it caused others, and if you are lucky you will be forgiven.

Perhaps not by everyone, but by the people closest to you.  You take that forgiveness and use the positive energy to ensure you never repeat your actions.  It makes you think differently about life.  It makes you realize that you don’t need to be the one pointing out others flaws.  We are all flawed individuals, its OK.  You just got to try to be a little better each day.

If you are in the camp of you will never forgive Mike Vick that is fine. That is your right to be that way.  Dog fighting is deplorable.  It is truly sickening.

If you are in the camp of you are never going to forgive the Steelers for signing Vick I per-forgive you for your hypocrisy.  It is all right.  We all get worked up from time to time and say things we don’t mean.  Some of the worst things I have ever said have been to the people I love the most.  Thank gosh for forgiveness, eh?  Or I would be quite a lonely gentleman.

In general football players are kind of immoral. The NFL is immoral.  Until earlier this year it was a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry that enjoyed tax exempt status.  You want to get on your high horse?  Get angry about that.  Seriously, just think about that for a brief moment.

What about the children?  Well…. if you’re a parent who allows your child to make professional athletes role models than that is on you, not the athlete, when your child becomes disappointed in their actions.  Believe me, I was Mark McGwire’s biggest fan as a young one. Lesson learned.

I’m not saying you have to forgive Mike Vick, I’m not saying you have to like him.  However you did forgive Big Ben, and what is the difference between the two? Hmmm….

I just hope when you make your big mistake in life you get to experience the forgiveness Mike Vick never will, because it will make you a stronger person. And really life is too short to get worked up about the backup quarterback of your favorite football team.

The Time UFO’s Appeared Above Three Rivers Stadium and Altered The Course of History… For a Few People.

So…. I was on the internet and stumbled upon something and I felt the need to share it with you.  Supposedly in October of 1979 during a Steelers – Cowboys day game UFO’s appeared above Three Rivers Stadium and were visible on a national broadcast.  The announcers and crowd even took notice.


Just let that all sink in for a second…..

Well I wanted to believe so badly, but come on.  I made the assumption that these were the ranting words of a yinzer who had just been introduced to the internet in 2010.  He came on the internet, he told a story about the time he saw aliens during a Steelers game on a defunct Angelfire message board, he learned there was porn on the internet, he got real into it for like three days, and then his lady caught him and he wasn’t allowed to use the internet anymore.  That was it for him.  The only trace of his internet presence was a rant and it had somehow spiraled into an urban legend.

But then I saw it…. there was actual video of the broadcast.  Not only was there video but there was a man who had ufo-pittsburgh-steelers-dallas-cowboys-2been looking for it for years.  He goes by the handle InterjunctionEast and the video below is from his YouTube page.  If you like this story go and subscribe to his channel.  He seems like a pretty interesting dude.

Anyway Interjunction East found the video and posted it online and then he posted more…

First the video….Skip to around 50 seconds.  The gist is that the broadcast was on commercial break and suddenly cut back to the game.  On screen, clearly visible, are two UFO’s hovering above the stadium.  The broadcasters make mention of it and they go back to the game.  For the next minute or so there is a weird vibe in the stadium and an odd penalty occurs.

Towards the end they go back to the UFO’s and one announcer says, “There it is! Now what is that?”  The other announcer answers.. “it’s saying take me to your leader….I don’t know…”


For more clips of the UFO’s visit InterjunctionEast’s YouTube site.


The story is more interesting than that though, as it seems InterjunctionEast isn’t the only one who remembered.  While not much has been written about the event the story and video made its way to, and the person who posted the story who goes by the handle Elouina added some more details.

After the video resurfaced on YouTube in 2011 Elouina used them to craft her story.  She introduced the situation to the internet like this:

In 1979, I was told of a UFO being seen over 3 Rivers stadium. The man that told me was a neighborhood man that I chatted with sometimes. He told me to not tell a soul! And seemed very concerned that I kept my promise. But I was perplexed as to how a stadium UFO would be a secret. No one ever could provide any additional information. And I remained in the dark for over 30 years.

Elouina than finds another description that she found online in which another person had told a story about seeing UFO’s at the game.  I am posting this story below, but I am leaving it as is.  Pittsburgh is misspelled every time and as a native Pittsburgher it is hard to look at.  So is Steelers.  Also, it’s not really well written at all.  It’s better if you read the person’s actual writing though than read a version that I cleaned up.  This way it still has its “I might be a crazy person, but only maybe” charm.

Someone using the handle XPOSE UFO TRUTH 1970’s wrote:

I was watching the game on TV in Santa Barbara CA. between the Pittsburg Stealers and Dallas Cowboys in October 1979 from Three Rivers Stadium Pittsburg PA. During a commercial break around the 2 minute warning while Chuck Conners was sales pitching a toy gun, the commercial was cut abruptly and the picture went back to the stadium. The screen showed a metallic disk (10-30 ft.) spinning like a coin (1-2 rev per sec) on a table at height about equal to the top of the stadium. Pat Summerall’s excited voice came on saying “We don’t know what it is we are showing you…it just appeared in the sky”. He repeated several time “I can’t believe what I am seeing”. Tom Brookshire ,the color man, said “Oh that…that’s just an illusion”. Summerall disagreed and said “Well if they land, they’re gonna say “take me to your leader”. The crowd got very quiet…you could hear a pin drop in the place. A penalty was called on a Dallas player because he failed to get into his stance …was just looking up at the sky. Pittsburg was winning 14 to 3…they had the ball and were running out the clock. The game ended with the camera on the disk till the end. I never heard or read a word about in any media. I didn’t want the game to end…I wanted to keep looking at the disk. I felt sad when the picture changed. I was attracted to it some strange way. It changed the way I look at life and the creedance I give our government and media.


This is the first mention that I saw of language such as “It changed the way I look at life and the credence I give our government and media.”  It was not the last.

On a blog called BravoNewWorld an unnamed blogger lays out a case that after the story resurfaced a half decade ago the media and government used WTAE’s Sheldon Ingram in a disinformation campaign, basically arguing that Sheldon-Ingram-jpgIngram was doing the bidding of the illuminati and media and you know, whoever it is that owns them.  They end their rant, which also uses the video from InterjunctionEast as evidence, by saying “Question Everything.”

Here is the WTAE “cover up” story and here is BravoNewWorld’s blog post:

It was only a matter of time. Once a recording of live NFL coverage of two UFOs over a 1979 match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys hit YouTube, there was bound to be a coverup in the local media for the Pittsburgh market.

Uncharacteristic of a television news station, a story completely bereft of video has shown up on their website.  The focus of the story is an interview with Bridgeville resident Scott Wethli who claims his uncle invented kites fashioned from mylar designed to look like UFOs, and that the objects in the video are those very kites. 

“This is a UFO kite,” Wethli said. “It’s intended to look like a UFO, exactly.”

“The ones he flew over the stadium are the ones he’s made, with that Mylar,” Wethli said. “That’s why they’re shiny up there.”

There’s no video or image supplied by for their viewers’ reference.  If there were, they’d immediately be confused.  Those two objects were clearly emitting rapid flashes of actual light in a constant pattern, not just reflecting the sun as their alleged mylar surfaces twisted randomly in the wind.  In fact, the footage suggests these objects were traveling at a decent clip.  Did Wethli’s uncle pull them behind his car?

Honestly, a few good points, but perhaps more interesting is that the only comments on the site are from InterjunctionEast, who wrote:

Interjunctioneast here… Fancy finding this article. You know, after this event happened, I was told by a confidant, that this was the real deal. And that the government was involved. And to never tell a soul that I knew this. Thus why I searched so hard for the video many years later. Which BTW, was very difficut to find. Most games from that era were a breeze to find. The UNCUT version of this one, very difficult… Yes I say uncut since the UFO’s were cut from my first copy. I am still on the fence about this. Kites, or not kites….


And I don’t know… maybe that is just where it ends.


Some people think they saw a UFO in 1979 during a Pittsburgh Steelers game, and for some of those people it really had a profound effect.  I don’t know what happened, but I really don’t think that a dude from Bridgeville named Scott Wethli knows either. That’s not saying anything bad about Scott or Bridgeville, it’s just saying that there is no evidence and therefore it remains unidentified and it was flying and it is an object.  So…… it’s a U.F.O.


And honestly its kind of weird… and that is how far I am willing to dig into it because I understand the people who wrote the stories used above.  They thought it was weird and then they thought about it too long, and then they got weird about it.


It happens.


Somewhere, right now, no matter what time it is, no matter what day it is when you are reading this somebody somewhere on this earth is having an experience they can’t explain.  In fact multiple people in multiple locations are sharing this experience of not being able to explain what they are seeing.  Some will brush it off and some will always look for the answer until they lose it in a sea of all that is unexplained.  It’s really all up to the individual.


In reality, this story wasn’t about the UFO’s.  It was about InterjunctionEast and his perseverance.  They saw something.  They took note of it.   It had an effect on them. They never dismissed their gut reaction and eventually they found evidence.  That evidence caused other people to come forward and now the world knows….. something.


Whether you believe it is that UFO’s floated above Three Rivers Stadium in 1979 or if it’s that you believe people believe that UFO’s floated above Three Rivers Stadium in 1979…. that is what is up to you.  What do you believe and why?  What do you know that you are right about and what are you willing to never question?  What is your UFO above Three Rivers Stadium and how long are you willing to go to find the truth?



Steelers vs. Browns — 1993 Week 8

I spotted this classic game on YouTube and fave it a watch today.  It’s one of those ones that i actually remember.  I remember sitting in my parents living room, it was right around Halloween.  it was the best time to live in Pittsburgh.  The foliage was afire and leaves had fallen to the ground.  The better days of autumn had passed and it was football weather.

This game has it all.  It is a perfect example of the 90’s Steelers- Browns rivalry,  It has Barry Foster.  A full on Vinny Testaverde and Bernie Kosar quarterback controversy playing out in real time.  It has the dog pound.  It has Neil O’Donnell throwing to Dwight Stone.  Most of all it has Eric Metcalf going nuts and showing his true Eric Metcalfness.  Two punt returns for touchdowns and unlimited moves.  Enioy!

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Draft 2014 Second Round Preview

robinsonAfter selecting Ryan Shazier with the 15th overall selection yesterday the Steelers will move forward with the task of bringing young talent to their aging team.  Tomlin and company went out of their way to point out that they will not be drafting according to need last night, but something tells me they will need to address their two biggest needs during day two of the draft.

Supposedly this year’s draft is “full of receivers capable of being starters in the 2nd round” and many believe the Steelers will look to fill this need with their 2nd round pick.  If this is the case many expect the Steelers to pick Allen Robinson out of Penn State.

The way I see it there is likely to be some trades in the first ten picks of the second round by teams looking to move up in order to secure the guy they really covet.  If this is the case the Steelers could luck out by having solid options at both receiver and cornerback, their two greatest areas of need.  This would allow them to have the best of both worlds, finding value at a position of need, filling the depth cart while not breaking from strategy.  Here are some players I feel the Steelers should target in the second round of today’s draft.

If the Steelers decide to go receiver:

Cody Latimer ~ Indiana

Latimer is likely to be gone by the time the Steelers pick but if a few teams trade up to get the remaining quarterback prospects he could be the one who falls.  As I detailed in the Day One preview, Latimer is a tough receiver with size and speed.  He would be a perfect complement to Antonio Brown and would improve the Steelers passing game immediately

Allen Robinson ~ Penn State

Robinson would be the big target Roethlisberger was supposedly promised and given his ties to Penn State and his popularity in the region his selection would go far to energize the base.  I’m not buying it.  I don’t believe the Steelers will use this pick on a receiver and if they do I don’t believe they will take Robinson with the value of the talent that is likely to be on the board when their turn to pick arrives.

If there is a run on receivers and Robinson is available I say go ahead and select him.  He has the skills to be an NFL starting receiver.  The defense is a more pressing need for the Steelers though and that is why I’m not in on Robinson being the sure pick.

Marqise Lee ~ USC

Part of Lee’s slide down the draft board  comes from familiarity with his flaws given the nature of the USC program.  Throughout most of his Trojans career the program was in flux and eventually crumbled in public view.  Lee never really had that moment to stand out on a larger scale that may have been afforded him if he had attended another institution or had the probationary penalties facing the program had not been so severe.

While there are questions about his knee, Lee is a dynamic receiver who could excel in the right system in the NFL.  While Latimer is my favorite of these three he is likely to be off the board when the Steelers get to pick and if Lee is available I wouldn’t give a second thought to selecting him.

If the Steelers decide to pick a Cornerback:

Pierre Desir CB Lindenwood

The small school prospect has the athletic ability and unlimited potential to be viewed as the best cornerback that came out of this draft ten years down the line.  However there is just so much of an unknown when selecting a player like this.  It’s the Hail Mary option. Going for it all.

I would love the Steelers to take a chance here, but as I watched his highlight video I had to search good for the correct spelling of Ricardo Colclough and if Ricardo Colclough’s name comes up in a description of you then that should be all the red flag needed to pass.  50/50 shot at being either good or bad in the end, but he is likely to hit one of the extremes of that scale.

Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska

This is the player I would select if I was the general manager of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I am not and they will likely pick someone not even mentioned in this article.  The Steelers have their own boards and own rankings that only apply to the Steelers.  They will inevitably select whoever they want to no matter the analytical suggestions that it may not be the best choice because they can and because they always do.

SJB reminds me of a young Ike Taylor in many ways, mostly because of his raw skill.  However unlike Taylor SJB played at one the largest and most tradition laden programs in the country and therefore is slightly more polished given the level of coaching that comes with attending such a football factory.  He will instantly upgrade the secondary giving it the type of weapon it has not had at cornerback in decades.  He fits in perfectly with the direction the NFL is heading in terms of gameplay, a direction the Steelers will inevitably have to assimilate to meet the demands of no matter their resistance to change. SJB is the future of the Steelers secondary if they are smart enough to draft him

Wild Card:

Louis Nix DT Notre Dame

Here is the one I would be interested in.  If the Steelers are using this draft to build a new defense and Nix happens to be available then I say you go get him.  DT is no longer the Steelers most pressing need, but it is in no way a strength.  If you selected Nix and factor in Shazier you have a pretty dynamic middle of your defense forming and I would love to see how the draft progressed from there.

Prediction: The Steelers select SJB with their 2nd round pick.

Stanley Jean - Baptiste
Stanley Jean – Baptiste CB Nebraska


Steelers Select Ohio State Linebacker Ryan Shazier with the 15th Overall Pick.

shazierWell, leave it to the Steelers to select someone I completely left off of my predictions list.  With the 15th overall selection of the 2014 NFL Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers selected inside linebacker Ryan “Icebox” Shazier of Ohio State.  The speedy Shazier has been described by Mike Tomlin as a “defensive playmaker” and will likely get a shot to compete for a starting inside linebacker shot to begin training camp.  While I personally would have rather seen the Steelers select CJ Mosley who went Two picks later to the Baltimore Ravens or cornerback Darqueze Dennard the team seems to be keen on Shazier and if he is part of a youth movement on the defensive side of the ball than I am all for the pick.

Much like the entire defense the Steelers linebackers corps is in need of repair.  While the secondary seems to be in more dire shape I am all but certain it is a position that will be addressed as the draft progresses.  During the post selection press conference Mike Tomlin praised Shazier saying:

“His production speaks for itself,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. “His tape says he doesn’t need my endorsement. He plays with a lot of urgency. He was a significant contributor and really improved through his stay there.”

Tomlin added: “Quite frankly, the guy has no holes.”

Shazier will join Lawrence Timmons on the interior of the linebacker corps in the 3-4 defense.  Along with Jarvis Jones and likely Jason Worilds the corps will have the pleasure of matching up against Johnny Manziel for the foreseeable future as the Texas A&M quarterback was selected by Cleveland  after they traded up to the 22nd pick.  In what perhaps is an omen for the future of Jonny Football the Browns also used the 22nd overall pick to select eventual flops Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden.




Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 NFL Draft Predictions (Day One)

The overall goal for the Steelers in the 2014 draft needs to be to obtain as much young defensive talent as possible.  In the first round the Steelers will likely target a cornerback with the 15th overall pick to anchor the future secondary, a secondary very few of the current Steelers will be part of, aside from safety Shamarko Thomas.  The Steelers could also look to fill voids at WR, LB, and along the Offensive Line if the right player falls to them.  15 is a hard spot to leave given the level of talent that can be had and for a team with so many needs trading up makes little to no sense.  There are many possibilities and I will touch on a few.

So I will lay out some of the scenarios I see the Steelers facing in the first round tonight, but for those with no patience I will jump to the conclusion:


With the 15th overall pick the Pittsburgh Steelers select: C.J. Mosley LB Alabama


CJ Mosley LB Alabama

In the end I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers went with a linebacker even though most mock drafts have them selecting a cornerback or wide receiver.  If either Dennard or Gilbert remain on the board I would select them ahead of Mosley in that order.  Given the nature of the NFL and it’s copycat mentality cornerbacks are likely to be a hot commodity this season and many teams may choose to trade up in order to get one of the top 2 at the position.  If this is the case the Steelers are likely to be left with a scenario of selecting Kyle Fuller, which may be a reach, or going with the best available player which at pick 15 may wind up being C.J. Mosley.

With other positions at more demand the Steelers could even face a scenario in which they move back a few picks and add a pick in the later round and are still able to get Mosley.  Mosley would fill a need for years to come and help the Steelers towards a trend of adding young depth to their aging defense.  Unless a top receiver or Ebron are available cornerback is the pick why not take the second best linebacker.

Other possibilities:

Darqueze Dennard CB Michigan


Dennard would be the best fit for the Steelers but as each day passes i become more certain he will be off the board by the 15th pick.  He is big, fast, and tough and would quickly become the anchor of the secondary.  I remember watching Dennard run his 40 during the combine and hearing the announcers speak about how much of a match he would be with the Steelers at 15.  However given the board the Giants may get to him first.

Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech

Kyle Fuller will be good but I will be disappointed if the Steelers select him at 15 given that there is likely to be a better value on the board.  To select Fuller would be to draft to fill needs as opposed to acquiring talent which must be the Steelers main  goal in this draft if they wish to avoid massive collapse in the upcoming years.

Taylor Lewan T Michigan

This could be the wild card.  If the draft turns into tradefest ‘99 the Steelers could happen themselves into a top-notch tackle.  The Steelers have used high picks on the offensive line for the past few years, but with little success.  Lewan will be a starting tackle in the NFL and if available the Steelers should take advantage of the possibility of gaining some permanent depth on the offensive line.
What if the top two cornerbacks are off the board?

If the 15th pick comes and both Dennard and Gilbert are off the board than I would look to the best overall player.  If Aaron Donald somehow remains on the board, which he won’t, I would be willing to select him and completely change the defense to a Tampa 2 or at the very least add more elements of it to the base defense to fit his skill set.  He is that good of player and given that he is a product of Penn Hills and Pitt he would be a player that would add maximum excitement among the fan base.  A more likely Scenario would be seeing tight end Eric Ebron or safety Ha Ha Clinton – Dix slide in which case I would select either of them giving the edge to Ebron.


Unfortunately given the recent black cloud hanging above the Steelers in terms of luck the selection may come to a pair of linebackers UCLA’s Anthony Barr and Alabama’s C.J. Mosley.  While Barr has been rated higher by many draft experts the opinions of draft experts are in many ways meaningless because very few people in the world actually have a mastery of scouting and the NFL draft.  This includes a majority of the people employed by NFL franchises to be such experts.  Barr will be good but C.J. Mosley is perfect for the Steelers.  He is a natural leader who leads by example.  If the Steelers are truly to have a youth movement on defense they will need a leader and I don’t see anyone besides Jarvis Jones being able to fill that role on the current roster.


Mosley would be a great fit but linebacker is not their most pressing need and there are other options later in the draft.  So there is also the possibility they trade the pick up or down to target another player.


2 Trade down scenarios:

Trade down with the Jets to get the 18th selection and select C.J. Mosley.

The Jets need for a cornerback may be more dire than the Steelers.  If the Steelers can move back a few spots while picking up a third round pick this could be the perfect opportunity for the Steelers to avoid reaching selecting a linebacker in the first round.


Packers 21st overall pick


Cody Latimer ~ WR Indiana
Cody Latimer ~ WR Indiana

Much like the Steelers the Packers have pressing needs on defense however theirs is to fill a hole while the Steelers is to achieve depth.  Moving back to the 21st pick the Steelers could select Indiana receiver Cody Latimer.  In many ways he is the perfect addition to the passing game given his combination of speed and size (6 foot 3, 215 pounds, 4.44 40 yard dash).  He also proved to be one of the strongest receivers at the combine impressing teams by finishing first in the bench press.  The Steelers are likely to stay where they are but this would be an opportunity to fill a pressing need without reaching while adding more picks to improve depth and take advantage of the deep draft.

Trade up Scenario

This is the less likely scenario concerning trades however I could see the Steelers trading up to the 9th spot with the Buffalo Bills in order to draft Eric Ebron .  This seems to progressive of a move for the regressive Steelers front office, but looking back at this draft five years into the future Ebron may be among the top 5 players.  While Roethlisberger would prefer a large receiving target an elite tight end could be a better long term asset.  The Steelers are in no position to give the aging Roethlisbergr a final approval over a draft pick especially given the fact that it is quite likely that Penn State’s Allen Robinson will be available in the second round.  This draft needs to be about acquiring as much young defensive talent as possible which means the receiving weapon they choose must be top notch.


Danny Brassnooch’s Steelers Day 2 NFL Draft Predictions

Hey it’s Brassnooch, here we go. Steelers gonna pick new players today and I got some opinions on the matter. As Bloomfield’s top shwag dealer I sell shitty weed for $30 an ounce to many people who claimed to have met the Steelers. So I kinda got a direct line to the front office. More than you do jagoff, so shut your crap yapper. I don’t like your fancypants attitude already blondie so you better shut that Slovac mouth of yours and listen up bout who the Steelers gonna draft.

Today is the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft in jagoff New York City. Steelers got two picks today and I think they should take some risks with their draft and address some situational needs. Here we go!

2nd Round: Tyler Foster Horowitz

It looks like back in the 90’s Barry Foster knocked up a waitress in Squirrel Hill and their son played football at Slippery Rock. Actually he did the pre-game show but he got good bloodlines. His dad ran for 1,690 yards in a season so even though he ain’t played football never I figure cause he’s Barry Foster’s son he can run for 845 yards at least, right?

He’s a little Jewish kid fancy pants but his 5’7 165 pound frame can only get bigger. I mean take a gamble on  Barry Foster’s lovechild Jewish skinny kid in the 2nd round and pick a sure thing in the 3rd. I know just the guy. Here we go!

3rd Round: Darrell “Dookie” Brassnooch

Hey my brother might be a secret retard but I seen that look in his eyes when the Steelers game is on and I’m just saying the kid doesn’t know his dick from his elbow, but he’s running for Mayor and he went to Devry University of Pheonix’s website so I think he’s eligible.

One time we were playing neighborhood football in the cemetery and it was the last play and no one was open so I handed it off to him and he got all weird and ran down and scored a touchdown than he pulled his dingy out and start peeing in the air. The guy said we weren’t allowed in the cemetery no more. Geez Louise, I hope I didn’t say nothing that would hurt his campaign. But anywho,  he can run the ball and if the Steelers ever need that trick play weird ending to a playoff game I know my slow brother Dookie can win it for the black and gold.

Three keys to the Steelers Season:

Run the ball

Hand it off Ben!

Steelers need to run the ball more is all I’m gonna say.

Peace and Big Old Titties Mother Fucker,


Danny Brassnooch is the oldest of 32 sons. He has been an American all of his life and proudly served in the Coast Guard’s puppet show program called, “Save the Whales” for three hours before being fired for calling his boss, Keith Flerbman, Queef Fartman 18 times and Mr. Queefer Sutherman 10 times. Other than that he mostly sells shitty weed and talks about the Steelers to the Megatouch at Gooski’s.