1992 Penguins Stanley Cup Celebration

1992 penguins stanley cup celebration


Friday Nights in Pittsburgh

If you’re snowed in and looking for some vintage Penguins videos you actually came to the right place.  The magic of a snowy weekend seems to be lost the moment you get interested in hanging out with girls on the weekend.  Before girls are a part of your life a snowy weekend meant having an excuse to sit in your bedroom, eat nachos, and watch television all night.  I miss the days on Braun Street listening to the wind create a whistle sound that pierced through the windows that overlooked the hill that went down into the woods.  I would sit and watch Mama’s Family reruns and have the absolute best time of my life.  Nothing was serious back than.  Life is nothing but serious now.

When you move away from Pittsburgh there are things you stick with in order to feel in some way in touch with your home.  Watching the Penguins is one of those things. here are some awesome old Penguins videos.

Check out this Penguins Jug Night commercial from 1982 featuring Pat Price, Rod Schutt, Pat Graham and Randy Boyd.

Check out this 1984 commercial featuring Mario Lemieux.  First notice how awesome his jersey is, then notice how this commercial doesn’t stand up as he awkwardly grabs a child and holds him in the air.  This wouldn’t go over in the modern age.

1984 was also the dawn of the “Boys of Winter” including this introductory video featuring a staged Power Play goal situation.

And of course the greatest Penguin commercial of all time,

1991 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Film

This is some pretty awesome old video of the 1991 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs cut up into multiple parts.  Sit back and watch this reminder of the Lemieux era and the year we beat the North Stars to win our first Stanley Cup.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Pittsburgh Penguins and Edmonton Oilers Vintage Fight Footage

I need to warn you about something.  The video footage below is pretty epic.  It shows an old school hockey fight in which the Penguins and Oilers savagly beat eachother, the Pens wear some type of light blue jersey, fans attack coaches, and early 80’s women cry.  If you can hang keep viewing.  If this is too much for you we understand.

According to YouTube user PittsburghHockey

It was Wayne Gretzky’s first visit to Pittsburgh and the Penguins set a Civic Arena record for most penalty minutes in a game – 144. The Edmonton Oilers’ 123 minutes was also a record. Pens defenseman Russ Anderson set team record for 51 penalty minutes.

What your hockey jersey says about you, memories of the 2001 Pens season, Tom Kostopoulos update, and a history lesson on Billy Tibbetts!

So you like hockey? Did you know there are multiple levels of fandom and they can all be categorized in terms of importance mostly based on their game day jersey selection?  You need to learn what your jersey says about you to the judgemental late 20’s/early 30’s Penguins fan crowd.

You see the average Pens fan is willing to wait in the shorter line and settle for Bud Light and that is ok if you’re the type who likes to settle.  Most of us will wait in the longer line for the better beer, but in general we are just better. The Bud Light fan will likely wear a Crosby, Malkin, or Orpik in black or blue, but not white.  They are fairly current with their knowledge but don’t have an overall appreciation for the finer workings of what comes with committing yourself to become a diehard fanatic who lives their life to follow the flightless bird.  They are not viewed as being down with the cause.


On the outer fringes of fan society is the renegade fan.  The man who is very upset with management for cutting his favorite 4th line winger and has never stopped wearing their jersey as a statement.  Consol Arena sees these usually creature like manimals hanging around the upper scaffolding with their Rusty Fitzgerald or Rico Fata jerseys proudly displayed.  This group has also been known to begin “Bring back ____” chants that are often met with confusion about who the player was and when he originally played on the revolving door of a c list cast known as the early 2000 Penguins.  Among players to have been honored with “Bring Back ____” chants are: Dave Roche, Lasse Pirjeta, Thomas Surovy, Nils Ekman, and Ville Nieminen.

rico fata

The absolutely lucky crowd consists of the one or two fans who somehow got their hands on a rare Alexandre Daigle or Eric Cairns jersey and therefore are entitled to be bought beers for decades to come from the loyalists. Sidenote on Alexandre Daigle, he was the first overall selection in the 1993 draft.  His Wikipedia page actually wraps up its bio with the sentence, 

“Daigle is widely regarded today as one of the all time greatest draft busts in NHL history.”

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In Case You Need To Get Pumped Up For Hockey

This was one of the most intense brawls of a game I can remember seeing in all my years as a Penguins game. Unfortunately the Islanders/Penguins rivalry is one-sided as of late as poor management has led to the Islanders playing the role of cellar dweller for the better part of the last decade.  Hopefully when they move to Brooklyn they will find a proper supporting cast for their one star, John Tavares.