You Know What I Heard

You know what I heard…  by Joey Brunowizcki

Joey Brunowizcki ~ Bellvue's third fattest Joey
Joey Brunowizcki ~ Bellvue’s third fattest Joey

You know what I heard????

I heard that Tim Tebow’s gonna retire and then become like the Senator of Florida and then like Vice President,  and then President you know because of the illuminati, and than one day Jesus is gonna come down and say “let Tim Tebow be the quarterback of any team he pleases for as long as he pleases, pleases says Jesus” and than he’s gonna go back to heaven I guess.

I don’t know I just heard it in line to buy my numbers down at Gino’s, that little place on the corner of aaaaa….. it used to be called main street but now its like….. Martin Clinton X Way or something liberal and you know it’s where that car blew up from the dog farts, you know combustication of various combustables, simultaneously carbonating in harmony, they had that spaghetti dinner and Lenny Warsack’s daughter sang that song about the mouse that touched Michael Jackson and made him weird. Anyway that team ain’t gonna go to the playoffs until Tim Tebow dies because he ain’t no good at quarterback.


You Know What I Heard…

yinzerRandy Gallo, 27, Doormont.–

You Know What I Heard… Steelers, Penguins, Pirates… if you add up all their fans, counted once for each team you know so its like a representative type of thing you add ‘em up see.  You got an army bigger than like a bunch a countries where they don’t even play football they play soccer.  They call it football though, alot of people don’t know that.  They ain’t sophisticated like me cause i’m real fancy, like ketchup from the plant.  I heard about Heinz Plant ketchup and it’s the best.  Only I never had it because Heinz moved way before I was born.  I wasn’t here but I heard about it on a Rick Trebek show on the channel that shows Ghost Writer.  I can imagine it was some good ketchup.  I’ve heard things about lots of things.  What do you want to know about?