TGIF*NLGSAWTV! Episode Three

For all you kids coming back from the bars looking to get your rocks off here is some nostalgia to lull you to sleep. Wonder Years, G.I. Joe, the incredible edible egg and more! This is going to be the weekend recap for the website. I got a supercrap setup right now so i am doing my best but give it a little time and this might be almost acceptable as entertainment. I want it to get to the point where it’s like a crappy public access show that also shows 90’s television. Sometimes in life I look back to 13 year old Chaz and decide what to do based on what he thinks i should. He chose this. Luckily for us 13 year old Chaz has good taste. He also is really into Silverchair, so you know. Look at Secret Party Room everyday, follow it on twitter @SecretPartyRoom, and like it on Facebook. Than tell 3 friends about it and write it on the bathroom of 3 Lower East Side bars. Than dedicate your life to it and curse it’s name when it pushes you away. Than write it in a letter dated 15 years in the past and put it in the mailbox of an old colonial home hoping that it has some type of Nicholas sparks novel power that teaches the past you about it so you can say you knew about it before anyone else.   TGIF*NLGSAWTV!


TGIF*NLGSAWTV! — Episode 2!

What’s up? Well before this even gets posted tonight Secret Party Room is amidst its biggest day since we started it and we are still a week away from officially launching it!

So it’s friday night and the mood is right. We’re gonna have some fun, show you how its done… TGIF*NLGSAWTV! This is week 2 so you are starting to get the hang of it. This is going to be some awesome videos and links for all you weekend warriors returning from the bar and looking to get high as fuck! 90’s awesomeness! When you’re all baked up after drinking a few to many tall ones you’re mindset is basically a 13-year-old, so why not watch what you were watching when you were 13?

Let’s get more interactive this week. Got some polls so you can decide what you want to see next week, which is the official launch date of the blog! always feel free to hit us up with suggestions at or @SecretPartyRoom. Make sure to check out new writer Cooper Sanders movie reviews! we need more writers! If you are interested email us! so you can just click down these videos and hit full screen in the corner and it will all be one long program. We are trying to make it so it can just be one long video. But we do not yet have the technology. (It exists i just can’t afford it)  Now pack a big fat bowl it’s time to begin.

Did you learn your lesson? Don’t whiz on the electric fence or you’ll go to hell! That’s a serious message kid, so i think that you should take that advice and let it sit in, than think it over, a couple of bong rips. We are going to play a smoking weed game, just like the good old days at Slippery Rock. I’ll go into the history of the Secret Party Room later, now let’s get to the rules.(There are only 2)

Everytime the phrase “hoover dam” is used you have to take a bong rip!

Everytime Pete’s dad mentions that he is making good time, you have to take two bong rips!

Let’s click over to MTV while we decide what we do next. Oingo Boingo! This song is totally awesome! No Lie! grab a beer and get some more weed ready to smoke we got one more bit of awesomeness!

That was awesome! we gotta head back Nickelodeon’s way for the final round here. It’s time for Fifteen! An awesome high school show with a young Ryan Reynolds, yes the dude who had so much sex with Scarlett Johansson! This a great show, it’s no Degrassi or My So Called Life, but it’s good enough to get blazed to!.

All right people here’s a little late night treat for you and then the signoff. Thanks for watching! hope your blazed up and ready for a lovely nights slumber. This has been a big week for the site and next week is going to be bigger. One week from today this will be a real website and TGIF*NLGSAWTV! will be the first thing on it. So send me what you think it stands for via email or twitter and i’ll use your name in the next 3 episodes. It’s really easy. You got the TGIF and the A is and….. so figure it out! Have a good weekend!


So here’s what i’m trying to get going here. I’m trying to make an interactive 45 minutes of entertainment that you can get baked to when you get home from wherever your weekend ambitions have led you. So what you need is some bomb weed, 2 or 5 beers, and some Rum Drinks. If you smoke cigarettes they are cool to. So first thing you gotta do is make yourself comfortable. Kick back and start trying to visualize yourself on a Friday night in the early to mid-ninties. Friday night TV, getting able to stay up later than usual, knowing you didn’t have to go to school tomorrow. Pretty cool, huh? Well it’s gonna be even cooler baked as shit kid. This is the demo for this concept so forgive it’s appearance and get down with its existence. We’s gonna get baked and watch some old TV. So roll a blunt and pour yourself a rum drink we are checking out some Boy Meets World w/ old school commercials. TGIFMF!

Thank God Jay Mohr is hosting this ride. Urkel is NOT next though. If you’re bummed sip that drink! Let’s start getting baked and watching Ben Savage teach us about the fuckin world.

Mr. Feeney doesn’t hate you Cory! In fact he’s going to follow you around throughout your academic career. It’s weird and unnatural. Let’s get high!

Ok maybe that was only awesome for my Pittsburgh bros, but I liked it, and most likely i will be the only person to sit down and enjoy this experience so whathefuckev! That attitude actually kind of rings true about the blog in whole actually. I make it so that I have a blog i like to go to. If you like it to, we have a lot in common and should probably be friends. Follow @SecretPartyRoom on the Twitter machine. Will the bully get his way?let’s find out!

Ok. You getting it now? grab some weed and chill out to some Maxi Priest. Jams.

TGIF is over your parents came in to say good night. You’re chilling in your room watching the little TV. There’s a fan on because it’s hella hot and you’re parents don’t splurge for Central air for 2 more years. It’s wrestling time! Drink a cold one and get a bowl packed! It’s Flyin Brian Pillman and Stunning Steve Austin “The Hollywood Blondes” vs Denver’s own 2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Alexander Bagwell.

where to now? We got a packed bowl we’re flipping through the channels and…

Oh fuck! the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are saying to not get high! hide your weed man! Hide your fucking weed! Oh wait! they are cartoons and everyone knows cartoons feel no effect from weed! duh! They are so stupid if they got high they wouldn’t agree to be total buzzkillingtons. gayness. Let’s switch over to MTV, which my parents just started letting me watch….I’m 12 remember.

Oh No Buzzkill lets flip back to the low stations

Night Stand is one of those forgotten 90’s shows that only make sense to stoned kids who remember it from their youth. It’s brilliant. It was satire of the Jerry Springer show and starred Timothy Stack as Dick Dietrick. Brilliant stuff, get baked and chill out it’s almost over kiddos. thanks for getting this deep into the first TGIF*NLGSAWTV

Well guys, thanks for making it all the way through the pilot. These will keep getting better and there will be more commentary and some special guests adding to it. I wanted to make something on this blog that people could enjoy on the weekends. Hit me up at with any ideas and make sure to follow the twitter feed @SecretPartyRoom Hope your baked. Hope you had fun. Now go to sleep.