Reflections on the Coffee Buddha Part Three: I forgot the tickets!

Taking my dad to see the Penguins play the Devils tonight.  However, sitting here in the upstairs of the Coffee Buddha, I’ve realized the tickets are sitting on the dining room table in our home in Richland.  UGH.

Life is life and so it goes.

We are a few days into Spring and I am still sitting here looking at a snow-covered landscape.  We got 8+ inches of snow on Wednesday and it is in the low 30’s today. Next week it is supposed to go up into the 60’s.  I will be wearing cargo shorts for sure, because cargo shorts are the official what’s up.  Long Live Cargo Shorts.

I will be breaking out a righteous Kordell Stewart jersey for tonight’s game, because my Penguins jerseys no longer fit me.  There needs to be less Chaz, in almost all aspects of life.

Laying low is the key to surviving the Trump era.  Just wait it out and when it’s over fight like hell to make sure it never happens again.  Wasting your energy now surely means there will be a repeat of this mess.  It’s sad how many people I once viewed as righteous have proven to have the devil in them.

We all have the devil in us.  For many the struggle is to keep balance as god and the devil rage within them.  It’s a constant battle. Trump has thrown off the equilibrium of the weak.  The devil is winning inside of them and it is hard to watch.  Because even if they contain it they are now marked with the beast.  We now know that they are willing to embrace the darkness and pretend it is the light.

God save us all though we do not deserve it.  It’s going to be a long way until 2020.

As I look at these prints of Dr. Thompson I wonder if he would even have the energy to fight these fuckerz if he was still with us.  We have no Dr. Thompson.  We have no counter-culture.  We are in a dangerous spot.

Maybe Roseanne will save us all.  She is quite a lady.

As for everything else it simply is.  Fantasy baseball draft tomorrow then a birthday party for young Leona.  It will be nice to see everyone.  I have been very busy as of late.

None of my time has been spent accomplishing the goals I set for myself when returning to Pittsburgh.  I have done nothing creative, I am not changing any neighborhoods for the better.  I am sitting in Richland waiting to go back to work.  It’s basically the opposite of what I was hoping to be doing by this time.

Maybe writing in the upstairs of the Coffee Buddha is the beginning of The Great War.  Maybe I am just getting fueled up for a long fight.  Something is going to happen, that is certain.  I am just as confused as you as to what it will be, but nevertheless it will in fact happen and I will be part of it.  I hope it is great.

I, just like you, am simply along for the ride.




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