The Moment I Realized That Gerrit Cole Is A Bad Mother Fucker

Which one is it?
It’s the one that says bad motherfucker…

I was at work in Brooklyn watching the Pirates game on a laptop via MLB.TV.  Carlos Gomez hit a long ball to center off of Gerrit Cole and flipped his bat.  He ran slowly at first like he had hit a home run in that obnoxious way that he does.  As he came into third Cole has some words for him and then Gomez flips his shit and Gerrit Cole turns into Jules Winnfield’s wallet.


It was the moment I realized that Gerrit Cole was a bad motherfucker.  If you’ve never seen it, or you would like to view it again here it is in all of its glory.

The look on Cole’s face says it all. He’s not taking it from that sack of shit Carlos Gomez.  He’s a bad, bad man.

With Cole it’s not just the arsenal of pitches, or his complete command, its something much more than that.  Gerrit Cole is a bad mother fucker at a time when baseball needs as many as it can get.


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