A Friday Night in Brooklyn

Hello old friends.  It seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve talked.  I got married at PNC Park.  It was pretty awesome.  I went to Colorado for Christmas.  Jonny Leather moved to New Mexico.  I wrote a few Danny Brassnooche short stories.  I had a few other crazy experiences.  Now I am going to start something new.

A sports website/Etsy store.  You know like the bros do.

Right now I am sitting in my recliner in beautiful Ditmas Park, NY, buried deep in layers of blankets trying my best to stay warm in the face of record low temperatures and gusts of wind that howl with the fury of an evil  claymation ice monster.  It is super cold man.  I am really not digging it.

I am currently watching a basketball game from 1995.  Chicago Bulls vs. Charlotte Hornets.  A few games after Michael Jordan came back from playing baseball.  He is wearing number 45.  It is pretty awesome.

The mid-nineties Hornets are pretty interesting.  Larry Johnson, who is in the height of Grandmama, is pretty impressive.  I remember liking him when I was a kid and now I remember why.  He is lightning fast for his size and his dunks are thundering.  He has some serious power in his game.

I like to watch these games and pretend that it is that specific day.  I like to watch Larry Johnson without the knowledge that his career never quite works out as many had hoped.  I like to watch Michael Jordan without the knowledge he would some day embarrass himself by playing for the Washington Wizards.

This website was once the Secret Party Room.  This website once announced all the articles I had picked up each day.  Now it is a weird junk yard filled with literary turds and other men’s treasures.  There is some seriously weird stuff on here.  Now it will be sports based.  Now it will have a new style.  Now it will be mine.

This website will eventually become my bedroom on a saturday in old Pittsburgh, PA circa 1995.  Sporting events and video games.  Posters of Paul Coffey.  Nachos and Iced Tea.

Those hot humid nights before we had central air when I would lean out the window hoping to catch a breeze while flipping between the Pirates replay and Kids in the Hall, waiting for Mystery Science Theater to come on so I could slowly fall asleep.  That’s what this is here.  That’s what I’ve been searching for all of these years.

Sit back and look around.  More is coming.  A Pirates preview.  A name.  A whole initial push on the webs.  Then it’s off and running talking about the weird side of sports while enjoying the simple things in life.


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