1988 #11 Syracuse Orangemen vs. #5 Pittsburgh Panthers

The height of Pitt’s first winning era as a member of the Big East this game was moved from Fitzgerald Fieldhouse to the Civic Arena allowing 17,000 to attend and for the blackout to be lifted.  For Pitt Beaver Falls own Sean Miller, Akron’s Jerome Lane, and Charles Smith.  For Syracuse: Sherman Douglas, Derek Coleman, and Rony Seikaly.   Coaches: Jim Boeheim and Paul Evans.  Late 80’s basketball is some serious stuff.  The shorts are still pretty short and big men are still king.  No conference was as power and important to popular culture as the Big East.  The rise of John Thompson and Georgetown.  St. John, UConn, and Seton Hall all representing NYC.  The MSG hosting the nation’s nastiest basketball tournament.  It was a different time and for those who grew up on Big East basketball the ruth is that the sport at the college level will never be the same.  Here it is in all of its glory Pitt vs.Syracuse at the Civic Arena in 1988.


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