I’m Getting Big In Croatia

I found this out while doing a quick search of where my stories have been going.

The Croatians love Chaz Bolte. It’s true. Croatian website Dnevno quoted me on one of my favorite subjects, agriculture subsidies, and I learned (through the translator tool) that the Croatians view me as a renowned American blogger. Very cool.

Side note: Croatian is a very interesting langauge.

Here is a brief block quote first in Croatian and then in English. From the article Corporatism at the Door:


“Zanimljiva je i dublja analiza proračuna koju je proveo Chaz Bolte, renomirani američki bloger. Naime, čak 40% novca u korporativnom sektoru dolazi od Ministarstva poljoprivrede. Pravilo je u potpunosti suprotno sa socijalnom jednakošću – što veću imovinu i godišnji promet ima poljoprivrednik, dobiva i veću podršku države. Na taj način 7% korporacija u poljoprivrednom sektoru dobiva gotovo 50% svog poticajnog novca. Wal-Mart i Monsanto su najveći pobjednici ovakvog sustava vrijednosti.”


“It is an interesting and deeper budget analysis conducted by Chaz Bolte , a renowned American blogger. In fact, as many as 40% of the money in the corporate sector comes from the Ministry of Agriculture. The rule is completely contrary to social equality – what more assets and annual turnover has the farmer gets more support from the state. In this way, 7% of the corporation in the agricultural sector receives almost 50% of their incentive money. Wal-Mart and Monsanto are the biggest winners of this system value.”

So to all of my new friends in Croatia: “Možete li pričati sporije? Nemam blage veze!”


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