Benito Santiago Jr. Has A Play End the Worst Way Possible

For the son of former Major League catcher Benito Santiago an attempt to start a professional basketball player has led him to the University of the Cumberlands, a little known but real NAIA team.  While there is a long road ahead for players at this level often times an incredible internet clip can bring them the exposure needed to be noticed by someone, anyone in the professional basketball world.  Such a play happened to Santiago, Jr. last week.

As the video below shows after being fouled on a fastbreak Santiago, Jr. quickly found himself in a worst case scenario.

Life isn’t all that bad for Santiago, Jr. however, because he is actually kind of good, and while the NBA may never call there are plenty of professional teams around the world who now have him on their radar.

And just for good posture and to keep things in threes, here is a reminder of how incredible his father was at baseball. (except during his brief stint with the Buccos)


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