On The Pittsburgh Sports Media and the @Yinzers saga

Ok. So this is not our normal territory on SPR. This is Pittsburgh sports fans on Twitter territory only. If you haven’t seen it the infamous yet delightful mystery character known as @yinzers is said to have been revealed. This is the link for the mystery solving sleuth who had nothing better to do than ruin my guilty pleasure.  So for those of you not familiar with this saga, and I seriously hope you’re not, @Yinzers is basically an internet troll. He shits on everything everybody does and occasionally hits on a point that is amusing. I’ve been following this for well over a year now and I have to say nobody, I seriously mean NOBODY, is looking at this through the correct lens.

Say @Yinzers is really a dude from Murrysville named Jason Bush. Say everything in this is true. Say one guy really terrorized the Pittsburgh sports media and some overzealous fans trying to get noticed on twitter. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to form a mob and lynch him? Are you going to waste time in an already overcrowded legal system to lose a case? You’re not going to do a single thing because you can’t. Internet trolls are part of a writers job and if you can’t handle it you should get another job. That is reality.

Last year I wrote a piece about Gov. Corbett corruption that somehow ended with an internet troll finding my parents info and sending them death threats, contacting my employers and past employers spreading lies, and threatening my life. You know what I did? I ignored it, showed up to work the next day and got my paycheck on Friday. I hated every moment of it, but that is the job.

Yet the Pittsburgh sports media cried like babies because someone dared to insult them and what’s worse nobody in Pittsburgh is smart enough to realize this is unprofessional. @Yinzers, though vulgar, pointed out that the nepotism of the Good Ol’ Boy network that is Pittsburgh sports has produced a situation where people look out for each other so no one questions each others sloppiness. It has produced a crap product. Other than Dejan I would have to say no Pittsburgh sports writer is really worthy of their job. They are all ok, just like Toy Story 2.

Yet, no one in Pittsburgh cares because they are either too drunk or simply so apathetic that they are willing to accept mediocrity. I went home for a wedding two weekends ago. Everyone had to tell me about “Matt from Shaler” aka Matt Sample a kid I went to high school with. “He’s so funny” or “I don’t think it’s even real!” was the comment they shared. Yet I know that Matt Sample is a kid who has had a hard life and came from a hard upbringing and has been clamoring for attention ever since he was “Stuntman Sample” in the 7th grade. He is also a veteran of the War in Iraq. He has some serious problems that get even worse when you add in the drinking problem that has made him famous.

Somehow Pittsburghers think this is funny, they accept this as entertainment and it’s not. It is sideshow bullshit just like the @Yinzers character you claim to hate, but you give Matt from Shaler a spot on 93.7 where you can call in and ask him questions. Is this entertaining to you? To hear a drunken war vet ramble on? Because if it is you are disgusting (you’re probably fat too) sorry had to sneak a very general insult in there for good measure. This is fun, we are having fun, I’m not lecturing you about how disgusted I am by people in my hometown at all, I am simply making a point.

Anyway, so you think Matt from Shaler is great and @Yinzers sucks? Well kettle meet pot.

Every sports writer or personality who responded to @yinzers catcalls either did so to get the attention and gain more followers or because they are unprofessional and really shouldn’t have their job. You have to be smart enough to know this, right? Seriously you know Perotto kept that feud going to play the victim card so no one would give him any crap about his half assed work right?

So you outed @Yinzers (I’m pretty sure it is more than one person to be honest I don’t think you are even correct) what do you do now? Do you start to ask why people cared? Do you start to question why the Pittsburgh sports media delivers a crap product and you eat it up and grin your crap eating grin? No! You villainize some dude who talks shit on the internet instead of realizing if you ignored it, it would have gone away.

The truth is the people of Pittsburgh made @Yinzers with their negativity and now that you realize that you aren’t in on the joke you want to destroy it like a simpleton in a Steinbeck novel (that went over a few yinzers heads). The problem isn’t @Yinzers, it’s you. The same way that the problem isn’t Pittsburgh it’s the residents. Break out of the negativity and quit idolizing athletes. You’re grown ass men and women.

People who take semi nude pics of themselves in Penguins jerseys and then distribute them over the internet are not to be idolized. They are the same people who made Jersey Shore possible. They are everything that is wrong with our society and this guy calls them out and you loved it. Until he went to far and then you realized he was making fun of you also. Now you feel bad for the poor girl who called out Mark Madden(who is incredibly talented but unprofessional) Awww…. poor girl posting half nude pics of yourself online, how dare anyone say anything to you. Aww.. people aren’t taking Kristy Robinson seriosuly? but she is a professional writer! Oh wait, she works for a blog that should not be credentialed and talks about how much she likes lipstick in her profile. You should have never cared in the first place.

(Sidenote: grown men should not wear sports jerseys out in public. If you are going out looking for ladies at bars in a Big Ben jersey the problem isn’t that Pittsburgh girls are stuck up it is that you are a cheeseburger away from a bum knee, looking for girls in a bar drinking I.C. Lights and talking about your fantasy football team, which no girl worth dating would ever care about. )

You created something and you tore it down, you will do the same with someone new, and it is because a majority of the people in Pittsburgh (especially those who consider themselves Steelers fans) have their head so far up their dumb asses that they can’t even see that there is a vicious cycle of negativity that they need to break free from.

Feel free to send your mean comments, do your research, point out my punctuation and spelling mistakes (there are many) and troll my twitter feed. I really don’t care because I am not going to respond. I am just going to pick up my paycheck, make out with my hot lady, and live in NYC far from the mess I used to dream of working in.


2 Replies to “On The Pittsburgh Sports Media and the @Yinzers saga”

  1. Wow that had to be one of the hardest hitting most truthful piece of writing these eyes have ever read. Bravo

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