Roommates: 4 Years Later

Roommates: 4 years later By Chaz Bolte

“Being Roommates is kind of like sharing a wagon in Oregon Trail. Ya know sometimes people just fall off, than you go hunting, than you write something funny on their grave.” ~ Chaz Bolte “Roommates”

In 2008, Greg Ernzer and I had our own show on Slippery Rock University’s WSRU-TV. The following is our unplanned masterpiece, Roommates. Personally, I didn’t even think this was the best thing we did that semester but for some reason, maybe because it aired for three straight weeks, people adored it. It was very, very real and for good reason, a lot of it wasn’t scripted. This was the daily life of two Polish kids from Pittsburgh who were bored as shit going to college in the middle of nowhere and a lot of people could relate.

After the success of Pittsburgh Talk, McNear had to take the next season off to be the lead in Macbeth, which was probably a good call.  Greg and I took the opportunity to move away from recycled WDVE humor that was Pittsburgh Talk (p.s. Pittsburgh Dad sucks) and began being our weird, silly, and non-reality based selves. Each week we tapped into new characters.  We started by selling a goofy looking kids Dreamcast screaming “he must be crazy!”, became a goth band, where high school interns telling dick jokes and then we did this. We went to class in the morning, I waited tables at a Chinese resturaunt in the afternoon and we wrote this at night. Life made a lot more sense than.

We went from the normal quiet kids in class, to the normal quiet kids with a Steelers show, to the weirdo’s dressing like vampires and reciting bad teenage poetry while petting ceramic cats at a frightening pace. This was the beginning of the Secret Party Room and it was happening before a semi-captivated campuses eyes. It never quite worked out for us as a comedy team afterwards, probably because I ran off to Colorado. Now 4 years later we are back with a website and I guess that is a start.

Roommates is my favorite thing that  I have ever made. It’s not the best, but it makes me smile more than any other, because while this was originally a skit, it is now a look into a time machine. If only I could tell that Chaz Bolte what was about to happen to him. We made this because we thought people would laugh and they did and therefore it is a success. The reward is that now there is a group of kids who went to SRU at the same time, helping each other out along the way, doing some awesome creative stuff across the country. I am still proud of Roommates and am even more thankful for the people who helped us make it (Ashton ruby and Nikki Wiser) Now, 4 years later, let’s take a look back at a time when Chaz Bolte and Greg Ernzer where…. Roommates.

Some Notes: When i jumped into the chair for the high-five I cut my arm open on the foots witch of my Amp and it didn’t heal for months. There is a tripod left in the shot right before that moment. The singing part is pretty much just me walking around singing, not very scripted. It took Ashton about 5 takes to do his one line, which is my favorite line of the entire thing. Also, all of those Red Bull cans were already in the recycling bin. we really did have a problem. 40’s boxing coach was going to be its own sketch but we used it here. Also when Greg goes back to my room to give me the omelette the word mother fucker is clearly visible on the door.

The vary end is my personal favorite line, it’s hard to hear so it got edited to “I think Greg really likes me!” but it was originally,”I think Greg really likes me. I don’t know why, I don’t even like me. I think he hates me really. I hate Greg.”


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