Starter Jackets

Keep on rollin, baby. You know what time it is...

The truth……..

by Greg Ernzer

In my eyes there were only three good things about the 1980’s; Iroc, t-top convertibles;  yellow, Sony Walkmans and of course, puffy Starter Jackets. My favorite part about these jackets was that no one had one from their hometown. Personally, I represented the Buffalo Bills and the Seattle Supersonics. I couldn’t name one player on either team. This realization led me to this question: of the people from who wore Starter Jackets in the late 80’s/early 90’s, who actually had one from their hometown?

Doesn't this guy's swag just scream DTF?

I recently wrapped up a two year study where I personally interviewed over 78,000 people asking them this very question. The results were shocking. Not one of the interviewees wore a Starter Jacket from their hometown. But I digress. Who’s ready for a comeback?

A certain buzz has been hitting the internet, mainly with celebrities, about my future endeavors to bring back a part of this iconic era.

Don't call it a comeback; they've been here for years

I pulled this quote from Megan Fox’s Twitter Account:

“Greg Ernzer was the most generous lover I have ever been with and his idea to bring back Starter Jackets is totally not gay.”

When stopped on the red carpet at the Grammy’s, Sir Paul McCartney had this to say,

“It was shortly after Greg had wrote and produced my latest album that he had told me about reintroducing this once so popular fashion……’s bloody brilliant.”

My childhood/lifelong friend Albert Pujols tweeted this:

“I owe 100% of my success to Greg. He taught me how to play first base, hit the long ball and most importantly, resurrect fashion crazes.”

I better end this article before I run the risk of sounding pretentious.

So in conclusion, as you all are on Planet Anxiety, biting your nails, trying to figure out this spring’s latest craze. Look no further…………you’re welcome


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