Tyler Perry and Ice Cube Announce Colaborative Project “Good Friday”

From the brilliant minds that brought you the 90’s stoner classic “Friday” and Tyler Perry, comes next year’s feel good movie that takes a look into the African-American experience “Good Friday.” Announced today at a press conference on Tyler Perry’s floating hoverport on his private island the movie will take a look at two kids trying to throw a party to get rent money while their parents and supposedly adorable homophobic grandma, played by the one trick pony Perry, observe the stages of the cross.

According to Perry. the movie is projected to gross $500 million although much like his other movies, no one you know will have ever seen it. When reached for comment the SPR was directed to Ice Cube’s voice mail, whose greeting was simply, ” Hey it’s Cube. Send the check and I’ll do it.”

The movie will also spawn a spinoff TV series “Gooder Friday” which will air on TBS for two months until Tyler Perry acts like an asshole on a late night television interview at which time it will be moved to the CW and never be seen by the human eye again.


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