Tiny Victories – “Mr. Bones”

The first time I heard a Tiny Victories song “Mr. Bones” I thought about the first time I had heard the Smashing Pumpkins when I was 13. Not that they sound like them, but I experienced the nostalgic feeling of having that eyes locked across a crowded room feeling with a band. Unfortunately for me they had only two songs available at the time and fortunately for everyone else they took their time recording their upcoming album which is scheduled for release later this year that according to the person who played it for me, “I never heard.”

One of the first music reviews I ever attempted was a double review of Tiny Victories and Christopher Paul Stelling on one of my favorite NYC nights ever. I saw three shows at three venues in three neighborhoods and got lost to and from all of them and then got in a fight with a taxi driver for the first time because he wouldn’t take me back to Bed-Stuy. Lesson learned, say you live in Clinton Hill.

Tiny Victories was the first band that I ever liked after moving to New York and they are the only band I openly root for. Their new record is going to be amazing, believe me. Check out the video for Mr. Bones, which I in no way explained because I used up my word count talking about how Tiny Victories lyrics are the lyrics that I always wish that I had written about the moments in life that meant the most to me. Although I guess that I never really got the far. Oh well, wait for the album review.

By Chaz Bolte

Tiny Victories live at out in the streets


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