A Very Average Concert Review

By Robert Matheson

Brooklyn, NY –Some band played last night to a group of people at Brooklyn’s Glasslands. Their music can only be described as extremely musical. It has various elements of various themes that crescendo into a much louder set of various elements of various themes. The band looks kind of cool in a way, but not really in another way. I will not go into either of those scenarios.

Their drummer played drums and their bass player seemed like a nice guy. He was wearing jeans that appropriately fit. Their guitar player played his guitar like it was a musical instrument. His amp sounded loud, but an appropriate amount of loud in comparison to the other instruments that were amplified, which leads me to believe a soundman was present at some point.

All the people in the crowd were there. So were the people who work at the venue. I had a Heineken and it was $5, which seemed like an ok price.

At one point the lead singer made a really interesting comment that made me think differently about an issue I had previously felt another way about. It was very, very poignant. It was the kind of point that could be transferred to life lessons that would inspire you.

The band that played in fact did play, and people thought a certain way about it.


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