TGIF*NLGSAWTV! Episode Three

For all you kids coming back from the bars looking to get your rocks off here is some nostalgia to lull you to sleep. Wonder Years, G.I. Joe, the incredible edible egg and more! This is going to be the weekend recap for the website. I got a supercrap setup right now so i am doing my best but give it a little time and this might be almost acceptable as entertainment. I want it to get to the point where it’s like a crappy public access show that also shows 90’s television. Sometimes in life I look back to 13 year old Chaz and decide what to do based on what he thinks i should. He chose this. Luckily for us 13 year old Chaz has good taste. He also is really into Silverchair, so you know. Look at Secret Party Room everyday, follow it on twitter @SecretPartyRoom, and like it on Facebook. Than tell 3 friends about it and write it on the bathroom of 3 Lower East Side bars. Than dedicate your life to it and curse it’s name when it pushes you away. Than write it in a letter dated 15 years in the past and put it in the mailbox of an old colonial home hoping that it has some type of Nicholas sparks novel power that teaches the past you about it so you can say you knew about it before anyone else.   TGIF*NLGSAWTV!


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