Welcome to the Secret Party Room!

Well Clinton Kids, I’ve been talking about it for close to a month and here it is. The unveiling of the official Secret Party Room website! We can be accessed through Facebook, Twitter, http://www.SecretPartyRoom.com and your mind portal (when high on DMT only) We are here to talk about Partying, Sports, Politics, Music, and America and also are willing to explore various combinations of these concepts such as American Music, partying in sports, partying in America, American sports, American politics, partying in politics, political parties, sports music (such as Jock Jams volume 1), musical sports (such as trumpet golf) and even partying while watching sports and listening to music while your Uncle Bernie talks politics in America! So yeah, we’re pretty fucking serious about this.









So FAQ’s…. who are the girls in the banner? The truth is I have no clue, but they look like they are down for a secret party. Why the Secret Party Room? Because I want it to be that , next question. Where you?… you know what enough questions.

Every day i will be updating you on new music, music you may have missed, music I want you to like, sports,music reviews, satire, politics, the 2012 presidential election,the fine writing of Cooper Sanders, the tea party’s radical agenda, videos of bro’s partying, TGIF*NLGSAWTV! for you weekend warriors!, editorials, and pretty much anything you want because the secret party Room is here to entertain you. If you want us to stop writing about something and start writing about something let us know! whatever you want to see just tell us!

Email: SecretPartyRoom@gmail.com

Twitter: @SecretPartyRoom

Like us on Facebook!

So this is probably the start of something huge. To the readers we’ve gained while we were building and demoing, thank you! This is fun, it takes up a lot of time and I make no money, but fun it is. So we will be pumping it out from here on. Secret party Room is a go!

Don’t think,

Chaz Bolte



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