Monday Night Rawdog!

Today’s collection of wrestling awesomeness has been curated by Mt. Washington  legend Mike Siciliano.I greatly thank him for the help. We are counting down 4 days until the official release! This is what i want the site to be, a collection of what the readers really want to see. So let this be proof if you tell me what’s good and I agree you’re gonna see it here. sooooooo…. if you got ideas for next week, hell for anything, hit us up at or @SecretPartyRoom. Hell if you want to see something other than wrestling let me know. This is a blog for cool people. If you’re cool help the cause! Let’s go to the ring!

Tag Team match:

British Bulldogs vs. Demolition

This video comes courtesy of Sissy, it features the British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid) vs. Rock and Roll fueled dynamo Demolition (Axe and Smash) going for the WWF Tag Team titles at Madison Square Garden on July 25th 1988. No gimmicks, just old school wrestling.


Gorilla Monsoon vs. Muhammed Ali and then Gorilla Monsoon vs. Andre the Giant box!

A double sissy pick. this is awesome. no commentary on this one, you just gotta see both to believe them.

Main event:

Shawn Michaels  vs. The Heartbreak Kid @SummerSlam!

The most electrifying wrestler of all time the Heartbreak Kid goes up against the old and shitty Hulk Hogan. the intro of Michaels imitating the Hulkster is spot on and brilliant. Unfortunately for the world this match also shows why Hulk Hogan was such an asshole. He refused to let the powers that be tell him he had to lose. Michaels is so much better than him yet…. well you’ll see. Afterwards watch the Ultimate warrior talk about what a piece of shit Hulk Hogan was. Great match though!

Here is the Ultimate Warrior airing Hulk Hogan’s, his wife, and his asshole sons dirty laundry!


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