An Open Letter to The Clinton Generation

**Authors Note** every Thursday I will be writing an editorial for Secret Party Room titled, “An Open Letter to the Clinton Generation.” It is the only place on the internet that you can see my writing uncensored. Clinton kids, I’m not mad at you, I’m just very disappointed

To the Clinton Kids who are responsible for the death of 4,474 American soldiers, rock and roll, and the American dream, you’ve turned your backs on what you were promised. You’ve been duped and although you’ve realized it for years you’ve been too ashamed and scared to admit it. We have done nothing as the most evil elements have rushed to fill the void that our apathy has created. Where were we when the corporate dictatorship of fear was installed post 9/11? Not on the streets protesting like our parents and demanding our freedoms be returned! Not calling out an illegitimate government that was being run by a small group of very rich white men with intentions of installing a new world order in which only they profit.

No! We were playing PS2 in smoked out dorm rooms at state universities, cruising along on the five-year plan just trying to catch a buzz. Our laziness allowed the United States to enter a war in Iraq that had no real mission or exit strategy. It was a war we fought so this small group of men could open a Starbucks on every corner of Baghdad and install a faux-government that let these men have greater control over the regions oil, more specifically its profits. This same group of men used that money to help fund the Tea Party which confused the easily confusable into believing that government was against them, and that they had to take their local governments back, when it was in fact the small group of men that was against them. The elected Tea Party Governors than implemented sweeping radical agendas on their state’s governments, permanently impairing their oppositions fundraising bases. This will allow the Koch Brothers to make more and more money as they make people more and more dependent on their goods until they agree to abandon hope and embrace fear.

This all happened on our watch. Most of you were too busy buying organic milk from the farmers market or talking about how cool your androgynous, uninspired, and ill-fitting clothes looked to care about anything of real importance and because of your error we live in a country that is about to implode like a dying star.

 The American Dream is dead and we killed it with our apathy. Your no good liberal parents refused to raise you in the church and because of that you were never exposed to the dangers of fear. Any good Presbyterian boy like myself  can tell you that they have seen firsthand that those who surrender to the fear allow themselves to be manipulated into indentured servants who blindly hand over their hard-earned money for a feeling of protection from the change that swirls around them, threatening to destroy the bubble they have worked so hard create. Only those who acknowledge the fear but choose to live above it are rewarded with eternal happiness.

Fear is the main factor in every decision we make. We live our lives sweating our debts and hoping a savior will rise from the streets to show us a new way. However, we shouldn’t be searching for a “new way”; we should be creating “our way.” In elementary school we were promised a new millennium in which we created a peaceful, prosperous world where the children of all nations could work together to build something positive. We abandoned our dreams and chose a life of convenience. We gave up on the good fight to play with our Iphones and for that we may never be forgiven. We laughed at Howard Dean for his scream after the 2004 Iowa Caucus and wrote him off. His ideas were brilliant and revolutionary and the Clinton Generation allowed the state run media to tell us he was not qualified. Shame on us.

History currently looks down at us for our callowness, but our future is unwritten. September 11th, 2011 marks a decade of our lives that we have spent ambling and shell-shocked by the unimaginable. We simply surrendered to the horrors of possibility and retreated for safety. We can change that. The generation of kids who idly sat by and tweeted can begin to shape political policies if we unite. The people who worked to get Obama elected were late 60’s domestic terrorists who realized they had to get organized and play the game if they wanted to see change. We can play the same game and we can play it better.

Get your shit together! Your hipster “I don’t care about anything, whatever” attitude is not genuine. You’re a slave to fear and you will never rise above it until you lose the bullshit persona. You are sad and depraved of courage. Your grandparent’s generation would look at you with disgust. You refused to fight for the freedoms taken away from you by the Patriot Act and you now revel in a society that is so afraid of privacy they post their every move on 4square using phones that the government can use to spy on you. You are so scared of living in a world not run by fear that you put down anything that gives you hope. You let rock and roll die and accepted crappy dance music and bluegrass as acceptable forms of art, therefore there are no rock stars to be the voice of a youth based revolt. This was all planned and you were too dumb to see it happening before your eyes. WAKE THE FUCK UP! You’re lazy pieces of shit and you make me ashamed to be in my twenties and white. You gave up on the American Dream and you’ll never know true love. YOU, hipsters of America, are EVERYTHING that is wrong with our fledgling society. Our nation is on the brink of collapse and you could care less. When push comes to shove and we all have to explain ourselves at least I can say that I tried to live above the fear, although to be honest, I will freely admit that I’ve accomplished nothing. What can you say for yourselves?

About the Author:

Chaz Bolte was born in the Steel City and graduated from the Slippery Rock University. He currently hates every band that you like and thinks you’re totally fucking lame. You can follow him on Twitter @chazbolte


One Reply to “An Open Letter to The Clinton Generation”

  1. Very well written,I know you feel the need to swear,but it’s not need to get you’r point across. I am happy to see someone so young has a clue!

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