Monday Night Rawdog

Monday Night Rawdog! Some awesome 90’s wrestling for ya tonight.Three matches for your entertainment. Let’s get to the ring!

Opening Bout: The Boddydonnas vs. The Godwins

Oh Sunny! The beautiful manager of The Boddydonnas leads her squad into the finals of the WWF tag team tournament. She was so hot! At one point in history she was the most downloaded woman on the internet. I remember the days of waiting for 2.5 minutes to see Sunny in a bikini. Skip and Zip go up against The Godwins, WWF’s salute to Appalachia. Who will emerge as the Tag Team Champions?For those of you who remember this match Sunny shows why she won best buns at The slammys that year. Always remember that Sunny gets what Sunny wants..

The Undercard

Goldust vs. Marty Jannetty

Only the 90’s could produce the ultra gay/ultra funny Goldust. Goldust a.k.a. Dustin Rhoads was the WWF’s answer to Marilyn Manson. Trying to appeal to all the midwestern kids wearing panties on their heads while lighting candles in their parent’s basement while My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult blasted off of their boomboxes, Goldust entered the scene. He was actually an above average wrestler. He shows some awesome moves here in his debut against former Rocker Marty Jannetty. He shows some awesome drop to the mat upward slaps, some big clotheslines, and a spear at the end that will make you lose your breath. He doesn’t break out his finisher “Shattered Dreams: yet, but he does show why he earned respect while acting like a total gaybo in the world of wrestling.


Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior

Both belts up for grabs at Wrestlemania 6!

Over 67,000 people packed Toronto’s Skydome to see a clash of the Titans. Looking back Ultimate Warrior is so far superior to Hulk Hogan its laughable, but at the time I couldn’t believe the Hulkster could lose. Awesome battle of two greats. Enough talk. Let’s get to the main event.

Ultimate Warrior a.k.a. the most  powerful force in the universe a.k.a. the chosen one may have been the best of his generation at both the pre match interview and the ring entrance. check out this interview from Saturday Night Main event.


2 Replies to “Monday Night Rawdog”

  1. awesome post bro, I was going to bring up the rockers vs. hart foundation matches, but then noticed you’ve already posted one of those (which the hart foundation totally would have turned around if it were for ax & smash). while the rockers were the more exciting tag-team, the older owen-neidhart hart foundation were pretty sick too.

    The best ultimate warrior entrance is WW7 at the skydome in toronto where its like 250 yrds to the ring and he is totally winded by the time he gets there.

    1. Thanks sissy, let me know what you want to see and i will find it for you. On everything. We’ve been getting a decent amount of views lately so next week when i buy the domain name and start promoting it more things should pick up. But your the first person i know to leave a comment so you get to see what you want for awhile. everyone leave comments. you’ll be treated to VIP status.

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