The Legacy of Chris Henry

By Chaz Bolte Writer (Originally published on December 18th, 2009)
On December 17th, 2009 Chris Henry, Bengals wide receiver, died after being thrown from a truck driven by his fiancé outside of Charlotte, N.C. We don’t yet know the exact facts of the incident but it has been reported that he was thrown from the truck during a domestic dispute. It is a tragic ending to a career that was blemished by off the field incidents and legal run ins. His 5 year career ended with 119 receptions for 1826 yards and 21 touchdowns. That is the final line. In 20 years when this incident is looked back upon it will be with different eyes than those that will watch the facts unfold in the upcoming weeks. History cannot be rewritten. The fact is Chris Henry was a young man with the athletic potential to be a hall of fame calibur receiver who allowed his personal life to destroy any chances of reaching it. That is what happens in life. if you cannot control your personal life you cannot succeed in your professional life. Henry was arrested 5 times during his NFL career for various acts including


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